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Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives

Maldives Marine Lab Diary

Take a journey in the ocean just watching our biology pills

“Maldives Marine Lab” Diary is born in collaboration with biologists of Bicocca University in Milan to tell these fantastic islands also from the point of view of their biodiversity and the nature surrounding the resort. During each episode you will discover new curiosities about the life forms living in the Indian Ocean, even the least bulky ones, thanks to the footage of our biologists revealing their secrets! The videos are made by Biologists at the Bicocca University of Milan, resident on the Island. Follow us, even on social media, to stay up to date, every month a new appointment!

Coral Conservation Project
The Maldives are a unique and extremely charming place, in particular because of one of the protagonists of its ocean, the coral. It is mainly thanks...
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University of Milano - Bicocca
The Planhotel Group is proud to promote the scientific research on the Resorts of Athuruga and Thudufushi in order to improve the knowledge of the...
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Olive Ridley Project
The reefs of Diamonds Thudufushi hosts several marine turtles which you will find both snorkeling and diving. Our marine biologists will provide all the information...
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The BIG FISH Network
‘The BIG FISH Network’ is an online citizen-science platform developed by the founders of Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) to establish a regional monitoring network of...
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